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The New Economy Summit is 12 experts and leaders to Guide you How To Thrive In The New Economy!

We are a group of entrepreneurs and experts from Australia, specialising in how to identify and navigate big economic changes: technology, innovation, leadership, sales, measurement of customers experience and marketing authorities, accountants, strategist, and a futurist.

Discover How To Navigate your business in the ever-changing world we live In

In these challenging times, it is important that we continue to collaborate as we work towards helping others for the good of all.

To embrace this theme of collaboration and unification, we have organised a webinar series involving 12 industry specialists who have been handpicked to speak about their unique expertise and strategies for success. We would like to extend this invitation to you, as we believe your standing as an industry thought leader could add immense value to this webinar series. 




 The world never goes back as it was. There is no return

Uncertainty and emotion is preventing clarity of thought, and there are real questions that need to be addressed:

Will my business be the same? What changes to do I need to address? And, what are the right steps to take for the growth of my business?

These are real challenging times. We must come together to share, learn and grow!  


12 industry leaders united with one goal: to provide you with the guidance you need to prepare you for this new economy paradigm shift in business.


We are united with one goal: to assist you with the answers you need to prepare you for this new paradigm shift in business. The future is NOW. One of our speakers the business futurist is emphatic about this.

We have no time to waste, it’s time to transform, and if we don’t act fast, many businesses won’t survive. The New Economy Summit was designed to help you not only to sustain, but to SUCCEED in this New Economy shift. We are being reactive to the current situation, but more importantly, proactive in equipping you with what you need to build ‘new economy fit’ businesses, remove emotion and give you clarity & certainty.


You’ll Experience Hundreds Of Years Of Expertise ALL In One Place to Guide You.
You Just Have to Say YES and Show Up!

Judy Sahay

Managing Director at Crowd Media Group | Voted Australia’s Top 50 Influencer | Top 100 Women in Media

Judy Sahay is the Founder and Managing Director of Crowd Media Group – a group of three award wining companies connecting brands with consumers in the most seamless way.

She has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing, strategy, content, influencer marketing and growth hacking. Judy was named Australia’s Top 50 Influencer and Top 100 Media Powerhouse. She has won countless awards over the years and is recognised as an industry leader. She has also co-authored three books and is constantly featured in The Australian, SMH, The Age, Business Insider,, SBS and many other publications.

If you’re looking to develop a marketing strategy for the New Economy, then tune in.

Topic – If you can’t market, you will die!

  • Why most businesses will die in the New Economy
  • How will thriving businesses use marketing to shape their future?
  • What is the new marketing message brands will have to share?
  • Top 5 Marketing strategies to set you up post Covid
  • How would your marketing team look like, and where will you find them?

Click here to watch a recording of Judys presentation

Morris Miselowski

Business Futurist & Strategist / Presenter / Broadcaster / Member Einstein Genius 100 Global Future Think Tank / Board Member

Morris Miselowski, global Business Futurist, unleashes possibilities for businesses by breaking with convention.

For over 30 years he’s influenced the thinking of some of the world’s biggest organisations and brands, exploring what tomorrow might look like – long before they experience it.

Morris has also shared his practical insights across the global stages and international media outlets, and is recognised for his energy, depth-of-knowledge and foresight.

A hell-raiser to the core. Morris is known to hurl metaphorical hand-grenades into rooms to push companies to unshackle from legacy systems and stuck-in-the past thinking.

He’s become a trusted authority worldwide because of his devotion to industry-specific research and his passion for reaching deep inside a business and examining what lies at its core.

It’s through this lens, he’s able to make the impossible, seem possible.

Among futurists he has a reputation for being the ‘real deal,’ which has earnt him a position in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) community and an Adjunct Industry Fellow role with Griffith University.

Topic – The COVID Change

  • COVID’s effects will not disappear anytime soon, but the opportunities to take first advantage of them will!
  • Morris, will explore the six (6) COVID {r}evolutions that are shaping and shifting your business right now: industry, regulation, buyers, society, technology and resourcing.
  • He’ll take you beyond the emotion and angst of COVID where you’ll be able to discover, capture and build the realities and possibilities of your today, tomorrow and future Post COVID business.

    Click here to watch a recording of Morris’ presentation

    Caitlin Iles

    Venture Capital / Angel Investor (1 Exit) / NED / Harvard Lecturer / Top 25 Fintech Influencer / Speaker ?? ?? ??

    Caitlin Iles is a highly respected venture capitalist, angel investor, and business advisor.
    She is also an entrepreneur who enjoys nothing more than disrupting complete industries and an activist for women in business.

    Once described by Sir Richard Branson as “a game-changer and force to be reckoned with”, Caitlin’s keynote presentations are filled with wisdoms that will unlock human potential and empower performance. But more than that, they’re loaded with inspiring insights gained from a life of achievement despite the challenges she has faced along the way.

    Caitlin began her career in psychology, helping to rehabilitate drug dependent people. She went on to work across a wide variety of industry sectors, among them advertising, advisory and enterprise. Caitlin has established businesses in the Middle East (UAE), Europe and in Australia. She has worked with some of the world’s most respected companies (e.g. Staples), delivering disruptive projects that have revolutionised how complete industries operate.

    Topic – Economic Downturn, the Breeding Ground for Unicorns and Camels

    Click here to watch a recording of Caitlins presentation

    Darrell Hardidge

    CX Strategy Expert, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Media Commentator, Columnist at CEOWORLD magazine, CCEO

    Darrell is the founder and CEO of Saguity, a specialist company helping businesses understand what creates Unshakable Customer loyalty and how to replicate the behaviours that earn the trust of your market. Saguity have surveyed over 750,000 customers and are the innovators of the new service excellence metric ‘Appreciation CertifiedTM’. This powerful new measurement, benchmarks service standards, assesses client relationships, drives highly effective innovation and keeps your business front of mind and highly relevant to your market.

    A leading speaker and trainer in customer experience strategy, Darrell is highly sought-after to deliver presentations and in-house workshops for optimising customer experience. Darrell works with CEOs, academics and entrepreneurs to help them develop market leading service excellence strategies. Darrell is the published author ofThe Client Revolutionand the bestseller,The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation.

    His customer service strategies and training have influenced and been implemented in some of Australia’s leading companies. Darrell’s knowledge of how to define your point of difference with service excellence is the secret weapon to many organisations. His mantra “Different isn’t always better, but better is always different.” Customer Appreciation is the new standard to define your point of difference.

    Topic #1: Customer Loyalty – the new Gold Standard of business.

    • There has never been a greater need for customer loyalty than now.
    • The key question is “how do we get our customers back?”
    • Most don’t measure loyalty, and therefore without realising are flying blind into a financial storm.
    • We will cover the vital steps in leading your team to secure customer loyalty and revenue.

    Click here to watch a recording of Darrell’s presentation.

    Topic #2: Client Due Diligence in Merger & Acquisition

    • Provides an accurate measurement of customer loyalty that can be segmented by customer group, locations, management, product and services, client longevity, etc.
    • Enables forensic assessment of sales to referrals to repeat transactions and value for money
    • Ensures valuation modelling matches the future intentions of the market and their reliability to future revenue
    • Reduces the risk of accuracy associated with common DD process
    • Proven methodology to challenge cashflow forecasting and loyalty

    Click here to watch a recording of Darrell & Laurents presentation.

    Karen Cohen

    Secretary to the Board Blockchain Australia | Women in Blockchain Victoria Chapter Organiser | Entrepreneur in Residence – Stone & Chalk | Founder- Women in Emerging Tech

    Karen is the Founder of Emerging Tech Talent, which specialises in the intersection between Emerging Tech and HR.

    She is a fully qualified and experienced HR Professional with a passion for mentoring Women Entrepreneurs. She is on the Board of Blockchain Australia, runs Women in Blockchain Melbourne and Women in Emerging Tech.

    Karen is known in Australia as “Blockmum” for her caring nature of the blockchain community.

    Topic – Emerging Technology and the Future of Work

    • How has Emerging Tech came about?
    • How will Blockchain Technology change our future?
    • What are other emerging techs coming into the market?
    • What are some of the challenges faced by Women in Tech and how do we overcome them?
    • How will jobs be affected by Artificial Intelligence in the future?
    • How do we future proof ourselves and our jobs in the future?

    Click here to watch a recording of Karen’s presentation.

    Tim Higgs

    Speaking, Training, Coaching, Leadership, Communication, Difficult Conversations

    Tim Higgs, founder of Catapult LPC, is an international, best-selling author, engaging speaker and facilitator, and a passionate expert in leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence.

    With a degree in business, Tim worked his way to a management position in sales and marketing, only to experience a profound depression

    After reaching out for help and recovering, Tim decided he wanted to help others to grow in their own emotional intelligence and solve issues in their personal and professional lives. He became a Narrative Psychologist and for the past 18 years Tim has:

    Helped thousands of individuals gain skills and insight to perform their roles and navigate their careers more effectively and efficiently

    Developed all levels of business and corporate leadership from new to the C-Suite, to improve their emotional intelligence and ability to have their staff live up to their potential

    Worked with scores of Australian and International organisations in a variety of industry verticals including, Deutsche Bank, DHL, IAG, Nestlé, Seven West Media, Thales, and Toyota.

    Tim helps organisations develop their Leadership, Performance and Culture efficiently via a unique hybrid method.

    Topic: An Antidote for Difficult Conversations After the Covid Lockdown

    • How do you manage the emotions of staff and customers in a challenged economy and stay sane?
    • The three things you can be sure of after lockdown.
    • What do you need? What do they need? …to optimize this uncharted territory?
    • The four-step panacea to diplomatically solve issues and manage emotions in others.

    Click here to watch a recording of Tim’s presentation

    Chloë McCardel

    Speaker | Coach
    Leadership Consultant
    Longest Ocean Swim World Record
    31x English Channel Solos

    Chloë McCardel is a World Record holding marathon swimmer, facilitator, international speaker, coach and ambassador.

    When Chloë was 11 years of age she realised she couldn’t swim a stroke and all her friends could. Since that point she has been on a journey of discovery to see what it takes to be the best in the world and to assist others to achieve their goals.

    She has now coached over 150 people to swim the English Channel, including the oldest person in history, at 59 years of age, to swim a non-stop double crossing of the English Channel (68km, 30hrs). Chloë holds the World Record for the longest non-stop ocean swim (124km, 42hrs), has swum the English Channel 31 times as a solo swimmers and is one of five people in history to swim a non-stop triple crossing of the English Channel (102km, 36hrs).

    She is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to achieve extraordinary results in their own lives.

    Chloë loves to help professionals and businesses to get results through leadership development skills delivered one-on-one or through facilitation and coaching

    Topic: Growing through Covid-19: 5 tips to increase your adaptability, productivity and reduce stress

    • How to increase your own emotional intelligence to empower yourself and your team through rapid change.

    Click here to watch a recording of Chloe’s presentation

    Marcus Corah

    International Sales Trainer & Pitch Consultant I Speaker I Coach

    Marcus is a sought-after trainer and coach with a proven track record in drive sales success for businesses.

    Formerly based in London, he has trained in local and global markets, including; EMEA, APAC, and North America. Assisting companies and individuals communicate more effectively and emotionally with their customers. He has worked across all levels within organisations.

    Marcus’ unique approach to selling, pitching and influencing reaches beyond the traditional methods. The key to his success lies in understanding and working from the clients’ beliefs and emotional desires. Making them more emotionally invested in the outcome.

    As a highly effective Coach, Marcus works with individuals who require significant behavioural change, in order to be more effective in their roles or in their personal lives.

    Marcus’ first book, The Persuader, How to use emotional persuasion to win more business, was published in 2012.

    Topic: Selling in uncertain times

    Click here to watch a recording of Marcus’ presentation

    Michel Stevens

    Innovation Strategist & Capacity Builder in International Development

    Michel is Successful Business Solutions expert faculty.

    Michel is a business sociologist, trained in international business, international development, law and governance and serves as an advisor on PPP (Private Public Partnerships) initiatives and policy in International Development with NGOs, NFPs and governments. She is a passionate advocate of human rights and a skilled negotiator in workplace disputes, cultural disputes & displacement and international trade & labour practices.

    A visionary solutionist she works to solve problems through the ideation, strategy and execution of solutions that solve global and organisational problems to produce outcomes that contribute to the conscious sustainability of a future for humanity and the living world.

    She has over 20 years of senior management, c-suite and board level skill with expert level experience in innovation, governance and culture.

    Topic: SDG 101 for business  

    • What are SDGs?
    • European vs Australian perspective on adoption/practice
    • Voice of industry vs government
    • Benefits for SMEs?
    • How this is supported at SBS

    Click here to watch a recording of Michel’s presentation.

    Ryll Burgin-Doyle

    Business Growth Strategist

    Ryll has spent the last 29 years growing her own or other people’s businesses across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Asia and the United Kingdom. She has literally worked with and grown almost every kind of business imaginable from start-up to successful sale, to SME’s to $400M and $1Bn companies and even a non-profit, as the Founder of her decade long work with teens via stepUP Foundation.

    While she’s a quiet achiever – achieve she has – from launching her first business at just 23 years old, to published author, to brand strategist, to growing stepUP to 3 countries, to Franchisor with the 11th fastest growing franchise in Australia at its time, to Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist and Smart Companies Top 50 female entrepreneurs, to launching a sustainably farmed milk sold in Coles today, to serial entrepreneur. And yet, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, with some learning experiences leading Ryll to dive deeper and explore what is the difference that makes THE difference to then be able to further contribute to other entrepreneurs and business owners.

    Her depth and breadth of experience makes her one of Australia’s leading business growth strategists.

    Topic: Strategy & the 3 Keys to Thriving in Turbulent Times

    Click here to watch a recording of Ryll’s presentation

    David Jaffe

    Chartered Accountant

    A Chartered Accountant for almost 40 years operating a boutique tax and advisory practice in Toorak Village.

    He specialises in the SME market place and provides a holistic view in dealing with clients ranging from start-ups to mature businesses turning over up to $100mil p.a.

    David’s area of practice covers all areas of tax, both federal and state, and this focus always overlaps into the advice piece in all businesses with a “big picture”’ view combining the tax strategy with your business and life strategy

    In dealing with his clients he is aware of many opportunities for Government grants and business solutions for day to day issues.

    He is a past mentor to the Victoria University School of Entrepreneurship program. and Past and current Treasurer of many organisations.

    His wide range of experience over many years equips him to resolve most day to day problems in business and analyse where you are it in a very short time.

    Topic: Financial modelling for the New Economy.

    • Do you have the right Structure for your venture? – asset protection and tax strategy
    • Do you have the right reporting systems?
    • Does you Budgeting and cashflow forecasting systems have integrity.
    • Are you appropriately funded and managing your balance sheet.
    • Cost Benefit analysis of embracing the Sustainable Development Goals

    Click here to watch a recording of David and Laurent’s presentation.

    Laurent Mas

    Adviser by expertise & experience | Entrepreneur by passion

    Laurent Mas is an experienced business adviser with 25 years of business expertise. He is a visionary strategic thinker, with an ability to translate the big picture into a strategic plan.


    Previously in Management at Ernst & Young Melbourne, Laurent has been leading transaction services and M&A advisory for the acquisition of several businesses, valuing up to $150m. He was the head of the French Business Centre of Ernst & Young Melbourne for 5 years and has extensive expertise in negotiating acquisitional transactions within the industry.


    Advisory skills are one aspect of Laurent’s business expertise, however he is a well-established entrepreneur and founder of 3 businesses; TEKAMAS Group, SWISH Group and Successful Business Solutions. This year is the 10th anniversary of TEKAMAS Group, in which Laurent has been involved with various ventures across an array of industries.


    Furthering his passion of personal development, in 2018 Laurent secured the role of City Host of the Money & You Melbourne program, and in 2019 he became the lead promoter in Melbourne for Sandra & Daniel Biskind.


    Laurent is the founder and has been President of the French and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Young Professionals (FACCI YP) and has been on the Board of the French and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI) for the last 6 years.


    Topic (with David) : Financial modelling for the New Economy

    Click here to watch a recording of David & Laurent’s presentation.

     Topic (with Darrell): Client Due Diligence in Merger & Acquisition

    Click here to watch a recording of Darrell & Laurent’s presentation.



    We Would Love to Have You Join Us…



    At SBS, our big ‘why’ is to create a sufficient, abundant and purposeful world.

    Our vision is to live in a world where everyone is doing what they love while also loving their life.

    We know that when inspired people apply the right education, they can change more than their business or their life they can change the world.

    They are the reasons why our mission is to add value and help entrepreneurs grow successful businesses as they make a positive impact to the world, while also collaboratively working towards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.


    This event is for start up, seasoned entrepreneurs (SME) and as well aspiring entrepreneurs. We are bringing together a diverse group of experts and leaders from across industries to provide insights to action takers that want them.


    This is a virtual summit. Our aim is to make this as accessible as possible, assisting you to develop yourselves, your skill sets and your businesses to be ready for the New Economy!

    The New Economy Summit is LIVE from June 15th and running until June 30th. You can gain access to all these presentations.


    We walk the talk, at the New Economy Summit, we’ve decided to have the same number of women and men speakers.

    We believe in abundance for all, and we’re passionate about carving a future in which women (and men!) can have it all.



    We Would Love to Have You Join Us…


    By collaborating for this summit we are uniting to fulfill the SDG goals below: