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In these trying times, it can be hard to put yourself first when your thoughts and worries are with your business. Owning a small business is full of unique challenges that have suddenly been amplified in the face of the current coronavirus crisis.

While you may be working long, intense hours managing your cash flow and juggling multiple roles due to current circumstances, it is important that you dedicate attention to your own wellbeing. It is difficult to keep your business in good condition if you are struggling yourself, so prioritising your health and wellbeing is a no brainer to keep your
company thriving.

Looking after your own mental health as a small business owner has never been important in these tough times, so here are some valuable tips to help keep you and your business on track to achieve your goals.

1. Work out what makes you mentally and emotionally strong

There is no question that small business owners are currently enduring tough times. From revenue loss to staff layoffs, many owners are struggling to come to terms with what the coronavirus crisis means for their business. This unfamiliar situation is overwhelming and can lead to many business owners to feel stressed and depressed.

That is why it is so important for you to engage with activities that nurture your mental and emotional wellbeing. Therapeutic activities such as meditation or yoga can be useful, as can practicing mindfulness exercises that encourage you to focus on the good in your life. Therapy sessions with a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist can also be valuable for those who are facing overwhelming struggle.

2. Don’t forget your physical health

Your physical and mental wellbeing is intrinsically tied, so it is vital that you continue to look after both your body and soul. Establish solid sleep, exercise and dietary patterns that work for your lifestyle to help you feel your best.

Make sure you are ‘switching off’ and getting enough rest outside of work, while continuing to fit in bursts of exercise to help bust stress. A nourishing diet full of fresh, healthy produce will give you the fuel you need to take on your current challenges.

3. Seek support when you need it

There will be times when you lack the focus and motivation you need to successfully operate your business. You may be struggling to make sense of the future, or perhaps have been worn down by the challenges you have already faced.

Either way, seeking out quality support from a qualified professional is a great way to talk through these obstacles and emerge with a more positive outlook. This could mean engaging with a psychiatrist, or consulting with a business specialist to explore your financial options. Family, friends, colleagues, fellow business owners and mentors are other support channels you can turn to if you need to debrief about your experiences.

4. Keep your perspective

Looking at the bigger picture is difficult to do in stressful times such as a pandemic, but it is crucial that you keep a healthy sense of perspective to keep you on track. Know that the current situation is temporary, and that things will eventually begin to go back to normal. If the situation still overwhelms you, think about how the aftermath could have a positive effect on your company in the future and use that to drive your business goals forward.

5. Create camaraderie

One of the most challenging aspects about being in isolation is the term itself – being isolated from the people we normally spend the bulk of our days with. The lack of in-person contact can be devastatingly lonely for some, especially for those who are already facing struggles during these times.

It is healthy for not only you as the business owner but also your employees to stay connected during isolation, so why not schedule in regular Zoom or FaceTime catchups to stay in the loop? Not only will you be able to talk through any issues, it can be a great morale booster among your team.